Complemantaries Colors
Vor 87 Monaten
Well, it’s always good to match the colors, but what I have learned there is no need to pair a color with another similar to have a perfect combination! Quite the contrary, the complementaries colors do not let me lie! Do you know those looks that attract our attention because they are so cute and different, just because they have colors you would never think to pair with? Do you know those outfits that you can not understand what those colors are doing there, all togheter? The blame may be from the complementaries or contrasting colors. They, in a sense, are opposite each other, and the by scientific side, the addition of both results in a gray or brow tone. To identify them it’s simply, visit me on my blog and check the color chart (the color that you’ll see on diametrically opposite sides are complementary colors). Really, the opposites attract themself! I have choisen red + green because these colors remember me Christmas.

Also, check out my new lookbook:

Kisses and I’m sorry for my english.
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FashionWeek-BCN Vor 86 Monaten
Very nice dress, like it!
Cri Vor 86 Monaten
Thank you so much! I think the thing that I most love on this dress is the color!!!!! Ok, I like allllllll! hahahaha Kisses and have a happy New Year!