Most of u probebly think I don't like Selena Gomez, because of her relationship with Justin Bieber(liv himxx)...but I think she is nice and when Justin is happy I'm happy;) sure it hurts my heart when I see them together on pictures and how happy they are but I can't do anything. Okay I'm not a very big fan of her but when she's happy with Justin I have to accept that. That make me to a true belieber;)xx:* #much love
Vor 71 Monaten
Devonthemonkey Vor 23 Monaten
She is gorge and just cause you like Justin she is a good example and gorge also example for beauty!!❤️
ayeitsayesha Vor 52 Monaten
same here
breerood Vor 67 Monaten
ik they were just ment to be i guess and he wasnt ment to be with one of us fans it makes me happy to that he is happy so i am pretty good but i just wanna date him one time i going to see him in concer and i cant wait he is my one and only anf i love him very much i just dont really like the fact that me and him arent together i am sad sometimes becausr i wish i was a popstars gf
Fashion-Babe Vor 71 Monaten
Bless you