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With Sponsored Outfits

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What are Sponsored Outfits?

Sponsored Outfits are just like outfits uploaded by users on Fashionfreax. They can be liked, shared and commented on. They show in New outfits, searches and can climb up to the Top outfits.

Additionally they are being promoted by showing them within user uploaded outfits and being marked as sponsored outfits. This offers a way to promote your brand in a very natural and user engaging way.

Why should I use Sponsored Outfits to promote my products/content?

Sponsored Outfits provide an easy way to gain access to a dedicated community. While you are encouraged to upload outfits (for free) you can boost these outfit's impact buy sponsoring them.

They are seen by more people gaining more fans and comments and thus are more likely to climb in to the Top outfits section. Outfits which are featured there get further attention by the community multiplying the initial effect of the promotion!

Using Sponsored Outfits has a lasting impact on the outfit even after the sponsoring has been ended!

Which different packages are there?

There are 3 different packages. Diamond, Platinum and Gold.

They differ in two aspects. First the amount of sponsored views your outfits get, second the platforms where they are shown.

Diamond (15,000)
Platinum (5,000)
Gold (1,000)

Diamond and Platinum packages include delivery of Sponsored Outfits to both websites and mobile apps by Fashionfreax.

The entry level package Gold only offers delivery of Sponsored Outfits to our websites.