Lindasa by Amanda1029 28
Gorgeous Outfit  by ChanelM 5
Gaming style by Daisyzhu 7
I know something you don't know ;) by SadéG 12
Smile, its old.  by Lhaura91 44
Holicious vintage by Daisyzhu 6
Niv by B24C09 28
modeling blue hair  by vansandtees702 9
Red by Serrasinemd 86
My boo:) at disNeySea... by pinkfastic 6
Summer time by -Nicole- 56
I Love red by WolfsblutW 7
Club by Asselita 6
Snow by -Nicole- 43
And the last pic... With Gucci Lips" I must kiss you and say,, "goodnight" :) muck... by sweetpinkish 48

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